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Current Projects

Atlanta’s Real Women: Fortunately for readers and TV viewers, books and shows are like food: everybody likes something different. So for those of you who love “reality” TV, I wish you well. As for me, I have to deal with enough conflict and rude people in real life already, so I sure don’t want to read about it or watch it on TV. Ditto for post-apocalyptic horror and survival movies. Life’s too short, and I don’t have that many gray cells left, so for the ones I do have, I’d rather fill them with things that make me feel good. All that to say, the two times I watched a show about some Atlanta “housewives,” I really couldn’t relate, because those women had nothing in common with me or my friends.

Turns out, I’m not alone. So when my wonderful friend Linda Hughes, PhD., asked me to contribute a short memoire for her new collection of inspirational stories, Atlanta’s Real Women, written by hardworking Atlanta women like me, I jumped at the chance.

If you’d like to know more about how the challenges in my life helped equip me to become a New York Times Best Selling writer after forty, you can order a copy through


Queen Bee Goes Home Again

By popular demand from my readers, I have just finished the sequel to Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch, titled Queen Bee Goes Home Again It’s ten years later and, thanks to the recession and the real estate bust, Lin Breedlove Scott is forced to move back home with her mother and brother again. Now that her father and uncle are in the Alzheimer’s unit at The Home nearby, Lin helps her mother clean their huge old house from top to bottom, then sets out with her brother searching North Georgia for the Krugerrands her father hid, then forgot. Afraid she’ll end up being Cinderella, constantly cleaning and recleaning her childhood home, Lin decides to go back to college for her teaching degree.

Meanwhile, Lin falls for the one man in town she shouldn’t: the handsome new divorced Baptist minister, an AARP Adonis who is smitten with her, too, regardless of the rumors about her past transgressions. No way, can Lin change who she is to fit the small-town notions of a proper minister’s wife, so the two long for each other in vain. Things get even more complicated when her ex returns, having been converted, begging her to take him back, and using Bible quotes to ward off Lin’s new crush. Then brother Tommy is drafted to run for mayor, and things get even more complicated.

Though the book, as with all my novels, deals with many serious issues facing Baby Boomers, this “never too late” chapter in Lin’s life provides plenty of laughs, lots of heart, and the happy ending my readers voted for.


Shadow of a Song
(previously published as Secrets in Satin)

This “author’s cut” version of my second, award-winning historical (originally published in R-rated version) is now suitable for young adult and general readers, alike. Set during the intrigue and tumult of the British Civil War, Shadow of a Song is the story of abused widow Elizabeth, Countess Ravenwold, and carefree Garrett, Viscount Chestwick, who are forced to marry by exiled Crown Prince Charles, then packed off to England to help rescue Prince James from Cromwell’s Parliament to ensure the Stuart succession. Elizabeth needs to lighten up, and Garrett needs to grow up, and they do, finding a joy that can weather the strongest storms. Fast-moving and historically accurate, Shadow of a Song weaves a compelling story of love, survival, faith, danger, and triumph. And, as one critic said, “The best fictional pig since Babe.” Available in e-book format now, followed by Damask Rose, Shadow of a Crown, and Border Lord.

Currently available in e-book formats: Highland Princess and Dangerous Gifts.


Kitchen Table Gospel

After I’ve shared my beloved Granny Bess’s wisdom, parables, and practical faith at Bible studies, Sunday School, and church over the years, many of my Christian friends have asked me to do a book of those sayings, so I am currently working on it now every chance I get. I promise, I will finish and put it out there as soon as I can.


A New Historical Novel

Whenever I can’t sleep because of my medical bills, I have been working on a new historical novel at the request of my historical readers, An Arthurian story that will offer plenty of fascinating lore and history about Britain after the departure of Rome, a time when faith and magic battled for the souls of those who stayed behind, and the dangerous secrets that could bring death to my hero or heroine with the whisper of a single name.


Personal Appearances

I love speaking at local books cubs, women’s groups, libraries, and woman’s charity fundraisers, so if you’re looking for a speaker who will leave you laughing, please feel free to contact me at haywood100@aol.com to work out the particulars. I will happily bring along discounted copies of my books to sell.

For out-of-town nonprofit events, all I ask are basic travel expenses, transportation, a clean, non-smoking place to stay, and simple foods. (Please check about what I can eat at haywood100@aol.com.)

For commercial bookings, please e-mail me at haywood100@aol.com for my speaker fees and terms of payment.


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